Custom Home San Diego - How to Choose a Contractor - Basic Tips

If you’re planning a custom home or remodeling project, you’re likely overwhelmed with questions.  We understand that building a custom home in San Diego is likely the largest purchase you will make in your lifetime.  Whether or not the project goes as planned begins with making the right choice between the many San Diego custom home builders.  This article provides basic suggestions on how to choose a contractor.  These tips work whether you’re selecting a custom home San Diego contractor or a custom home builder in another area.

As you evaluate custom home builders in San Diego you likely are a bit nervous, having heard the many horror stories that exist of someone who chose the wrong contractor.  There's the story of the contractor who disappeared, never to be seen again, after receiving a large deposit.  There's the one about the contractor who took twice as long as promised.  There's the one about the contractor who doubled the cost of the project through change orders.  There's the one about the contractor who cut corners with inferior materials and workmanship, ultimately costing the homeowner much time and money to correct the work.  Construction horror stories abound.

We’re here to help.  We’ve built over two hundred custom homes, and in this article we’re going to give you with 4 basic tips that can aid you in evaluating custom home builders:

Selecting a Custom Home San Diego Contractor Tip #1:

•   Without exception, always verify that the San Diego custom home builder is a licensed contractor.  If you live in CA, you should go to to verify a contractor’s license.  For other states, check your local laws.  Trying to save money by using an unlicensed contractor is not only illegal but it usually backfires in a large way.  If a contractor isn’t qualified to have a license and is working illegally, do you really want to trust them?

Selecting a Custom Home San Diego Contractor Tip #2

•   Check qualifications and their level of expertise.  How many years have they been in business?  How many projects have they completed?  What type of education and training do they have?  Their level of expertise and credentials ought to give you confidence in their abilities and professionalism.  Although this alone does not guarantee that they will deliver high quality work on time and on budget, it’s a very important factor to consider.

Selecting a Custom Home San Diego Contractor Tip #3

•   References must be examined, but be careful not to use references as your primary means of selecting a custom home builder  Even the worst contractors have can give you 3-4 good references.  Use references as one input into your selection of a contractor, not the only input.

Selecting a Custom Home San Diego Contractor Tip #4

•   Do not choose a San Diego custom home builder based on estimated costs alone.  More often than not, as the age old saying goes, you get what you pay for.  Many untrustworthy contractors offer a low initial price but then stick their clients with change orders for unforeseen conditions.  Another tactic is to underbid allowance items on the initial quote.  And finally, many untrustworthy contractors offer a low bid by cutting corners on materials and workmanship.  In summary, beware of choosing the low-price contractor.

While these suggestions are common sense, it’s surprising how many people completely skip these important elements in evaluating a contractor.  Make certain to follow each of these steps carefully because choosing the right San Diego custom home builder is critical to your project being successful.


By Jason Salgado

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